About Pleasant Forest Cemetery

Pleasant Forest Cemetery is a small cemetery located near Concord, Tennessee. Many of the region's original settlers lie in the older graves. The struggles of the early pioneers to tame the land sent many to an early grave. The civil war divided these families, resulting in bitter separations for generations afterwards. Today, Pleasant Forest Cemetery remains a tranquil oasis. We invite you to walk the grounds and contemplate the extraordinary people buried here

Keeping History Alive

Pleasant Forest Cemetery is a living monument to history. The valuable efforts of many volunteers makes it continue to be a serene and graceful wooded area. It is filled with graves from 1796 to the present. Visitors are welcome to walk through the grounds and take away memories of a simple country cemetery filled with stories of the past. Tennessee history and heritage abound in the pioneers who settled this area so many  years ago and are now quietlky residing in these wooded grounds.


Creating an accurate and up-to-date census has been an ongoing work in collaboration with regional experts, a team of recorders, and current and past proprietors. The most recent study includes not only a reading of the stones, but also GPS coordinates, blending history and modern technology to present the most inclusive work to date. Read the entire story of past and present efforts to make the most complete census possible  READ MORE....

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