BORN: March 16, 1888  DIED: August 19, 1957

Tn CPL Co. M 369 Infantry WORLD WAR I

 Clabe Claiborne was a decorated soldier in WWI, having fought many battles in one of the most interesting units of the war. Mr. Claiborne was a part of the 369 Infantry Unit. During tough combat in France it soon acquired from the French the nickname Blue Helmets. The unit was also known as the Harlem Hellfighters. In WWI, US African-American soldiers did not participate in combat. The 369 was loaned to France and the French used them as combat troops. An interesting account tells of these  soldiers fighting so ferociously that their forward movement was so swift and courageous they were often in danger of being outflanked. Mr. Claiborne was wounded multiple times and received subsequent honors, the purple heart with oak leaf clusters.


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