Archibald McCaleb

Born:  About 1755   Died: September 13, 1813

Archibald McCaleb, was the patriarch of what would become a large family residing in Tennessee. He was born in about 1755, possibly in South Carolina.

On March 7, 1787, Archibald and his family, along with Col. David Campbell, arrived in an untamed area that would later become Campbell Station. By 1794, McCaleb had received several land grants. Archibald and his wife Polly (maiden name unknown) had 12 known children; seven sons and five daughters. Five of the sons served in the War of 1812.

Archibald McCaleb took part in the War of 1812, and  was killed by the Indians on his way to join Andrew Jackson on Sept. 16, 1813. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Pleasant Forest Cemetery. His son, James N. McCaleb, was named as an heir in the settlement of his estate.




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