Memorial Day is a very special time at Pleasant Forest Cemetery to honor our veterans. A Boy Scout Troop, Brownies, and many volunteers, participated in honoring our cherished graves of those who served their country. Read more in a wonderful article published by the Farragut Press:

Visit this link to see more photos:

Pleasant Forest is proud of the many veterans interred on these historic cemetery grounds. Americans willing to risk their lives for their country, these veterans now quietly rest among the towering trees, a natural and timeless setting. Pleasant Forest Cemetery is committed to remembering and honoring all who served their country by placing memorial stones on each grave. More details on a veteran can be found by clicking on the BLUE STAR by each name.

Abel, Gene -WWII Navy

Leach, Jr., Victor Monroe - WWII 

Benziger, Charles - Army Air Corps

Bidwell, Bob K - Army

Lee, Brice - WWII
Billingsley, Jimmy - Korea Lee, Paul E. - Korea
Billingsley, Malcolm D. - Marine Lee, William Peter - WWII
Boyd, Thomas - Revolutionary War Letsinger, Van B. - WWI Army
Branam, Ernest H. 

Mahlman, Harvey - Army

Maples, John - WWII 

Brown Jr., John E. - Navy   

Maples, Paul - WWII

Martin, William J-Army Korea

Broyles Sr., Arnold C. -Nat. Guard McCaleb, Archibald - War of 1812
Broyles Jr., Arnold C. - Army Meeks, Edwin WWII Navy Army
Mitchell, Richard - WWII Korea 
Buhler, William Konrad - WWII Morrison, James E. - Vietnam
Byers, Joseph Edward - WWII  Morrison, Ken - Army
Campbell II, James Edward - Navy Moulden, Harrison - WWI
Campbell, David - Rev.  War  Moulden, Nathaniel - WWI
Campbell, David A. - WWII  Mowery, Glen D. - WWII
Campbell, James E. - WWII  Nelson, Jack Earl - Korea
Campbell, John Steele - Korea Newcomb, Loyd - WWII
Campbell, Lon Steele - WWI Newcombe, Donald R. - WWII 
Cauthen John Douglas - Air Force  Newman, James Ira - Army 
Claiborne, Clabe - WWI Perry, Russell Roberts - WWII 
Clayborne, Fritz Henderson - WWI  Pressley, Leon Elisha - WWII
Cloud, Oacie - Army Raby, Clarence - WWII
Coker, Fred - WWII Navy  Raby, Earl M. - WWII
Conley, Frank Charles - WWII Raby, Harry F. - WWII
Cottrell, William B. - WWII Raby, Raymond Leon - Army
Cruse, Carl - WWII Raby, Wayne Elbert - WWII

Daves, Ronald G. - Marine

Dennis, Theodore - WWII

Roane, Gov. Archibald - Rev. War
Dougherty, Tom - WWII Robinson, Lester C. - WWII
Dunlap, John - WWII Ross, Lester C. - Air Force
Edington, James Moss - WWII Russell Jr., J. Frank - Korea
Russell Sr., J. Frank - WWI
Erskin, Johney - WWI Schmolinger,  Forrest W. - WWII
Flanagan, Wiley B. - WWI Army Sharp, William Divine - Air Force 
Fleischer, Charles - Navy Shockley, Russell P. - WWII
Gaut, Robert Lynn - Vietnam Smith, Alexander M. - Civil War Union
Georges, Christopher - WWII Smith, Clyde F - WWI
Gound, Robert Tate - Civil War Confed

Smith, David Edward - WWII Nat. Guard

  Smith, Johnny - Army
Greene, Frank Earl - WWII Smith, J. Russell - WWII 
Gregg, William Roy - Marine Smith, Robert Frye - WWII
Harris, Everette Burns - WWII Starkey, Jack - Tenn Sgt
Harris, Orville S. - WWII  Starkey, Jim - Army
Himes, Richard - WWII Swan, George N. - Civil War Union 
Jamborsky, William - WWII Thompson, Paul - Marine 
Jarrett, William Bonds - Army Trezise, James M. - Marine 
  Turner, John C. - Army WWII
Jones, Arthur Barton - WWI Turpin, Harrison - WWII
Kalcevic, Victor - WWII Vance, Briscoe - Civil War Union
Kanipe, Jr., Joseph W. - Army Van Dorselaer, Roland C. - Korea
Kelley, Charles Robert - WWII Army Wallace, Carl Edward - WWII
Kerley, Chadwick Lee - Army Watt, Robert Patterson - Army
Kuropatwinski, John R - Navy Williams, Emmett "Dick" - Army
Lawhorn, Samuel T. - WWII Winfrey, Charles - WWI
Lawson, Joe William - WWII Wise, James Jerome - WWII


A Worthy Project...

Pleasant Forest has begun an ambitious new project to honor each and every veteran in the cemetery. A granite marker will be placed on the gravesites of all veterans in honor of their service. When this project is complete there will be over 100 graves with these markers.

William Konrad Buhler WWII

Archibald Roane - Revoluntionary War Veteran and Second Governor of Tennessee


John Steele Campbell, Korea

Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Clusters awarded to Clabe Claiborne, wounded multiple times fighting in France during WWI

Lester Ross - Korea

Clyde Smith WWI Draft Registration Card


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